Artistic supporter? What size?

Most of us would admit to supporting the arts, either through donations to NPR, or to our favorite museum, or to our local chamber music society or even to our kids' bake sale to raise money for costumes for the high school musical.  Supporting the arts is a little like participating in our democracy: "Hey, I voted!  What else do yo want from me?"  In the arts its, "Hey, I wrote a check.  What else do you want from me?"  Well, I'll tell you: we need your behind in a chair; not your living room sofa, but a chair in a performance venue; a chair that you got dressed for, drove to, parked for, paid for and selected to sit in so that you could participate as an audience member.  We are all being fed canned entertainment via our TVs and computers.  Go out and see or hear or even participate in a live performance at a venue where you'll even see other people and maybe even talk to them and express your opinions about the art form you just enjoyed (or not).  Painters, musicians, actors, dancers, all artists, whether they admit it or not, need audiences.  Write the check, but go out once in a while, or you'll start to lose your chops as a discerning audience member!

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