A Naive Proposal

This post has to do with war, bombs and Al Capone.  It has nothing to do with music or musicians except for the fact that musicians also live on planet Earth.  Years ago when Al Capone's mob ruled Chicago it was very difficult for law enforcers to make any arrests stick.  (I get my facts from the movies and TV.) Bootlegging, theft, extortion, prostitution and even murder were all being carried on, but the Feds could not make a solid case against Al Capone, so they couldn't put him in jail.  Finally they figured out they could get him on tax evasion.  That stuck, and he went to jail.  Well, how about this proposal: Any country or government or rebel group, etc., that shoots off large weapons or bombs has to pay huge air pollution fines.  I can get a fine for littering if I throw a piece of paper in the street, or put a used container in the wrong recycling bin.  These guys can total pollute the atmosphere and the air that we all breathe and contribute to greenhouse gases and they don't even get a ticket!  Since we don't seem to able to stop war directly, how about the Al Capone approach with a twist:  Get 'em on air pollution statutes!  Of course the international community would have to come together to work out all the details, (that's not my job) and they'd have to fight back the large weapons manufactures and dealers, but hey, that's what they're paid for isn't it, to make the world a better place.

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