Through hell and high water...

Another great gig last night, but we drove through hell and high water to  get to it. We (myself, Steve LaMattina on guitar and Joe Solomon on bass) had a gig right near the stock exchange in lower Manhattan.  Because of the recent hurricane and the nor'easter that followed a few days later, much of the electricity was still out in that area.  Streets were closed; Con Ed trucks were everywhere; generators were humming away; traffic cops were on almost every corner directing traffic; subway stations were closed. Because of the recent high water, driving was hell.  When we finally reached Broad Street (almost totally by accident) we had to go through barriers and the car had to be sniffed by a bomb-sniffing dog.  A ride that should have taken about 30 minutes took us two hours!  I was keeping it together, but I was in a very bad mood when we got to the gig.  Was all this really worth it?  Joe Solomon showed up 30 minutes later with similar tales of chaos.  Well, we made it; we set up; we began to play.  That was it.  All the discomfort of getting there disappeared when the music started.  We played are tales off.  The people liked our music, and we went home tired but happy men.  The power of music!  

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