December 20, 2012 

Here are some comments from people who have listened to Jazz for Svetlana. Add your own on the contact page. 

"oooooooh yea...that is great-...Just beautiful man."  MG 

"Thank you, Bob, for the lovely sounds -- the world (aching and reeling) needs beauty like this."  MS 

"I Love your CD man; it's great.  My friend C. loves it too, and she doesn't even usually listen to jazz!"  BG 

"I can vouch for how wonderful is this CD... Very soothing, interesting, and varied. And wait til you hear that Bob sing!  My enthusiastic support."  BH 

"Bob, I love this CD.  I listen to it every Sunday at my cabin."  JP 

"I LOVE THE CD.  I listened to it all the way to MV (Martha's Vineyard) and back."  MW 

"Hey, Bob!  Thanks so much for the CD.  So sweet.  Love it... I especially love your singing.  You go!"  HC 

"I loved the CD.  You and Steve are wonderful together.  Enjoyed your singing and your selection of tunes.  You may have to think about recording more."  CR. 

"What a nice ride I had to work today...Looking forward to the ride home this evening so I can hear the rest of the CD."  DG 

"I love what you and Steve are doing.  I haven't heard too many guitar and trumpet duo recordings so I have to say this is unique."  JE 

I love the CD...and it gets better each time I put it on...Smooth, relaxed.  I can't believe you haven't recorded your voice before. Thanks again, Sarah.

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