On Friday, Oct 4, we had another great gig at Somethin' Jazz Club on 52nd Street in NYC (  Dave Frank on tenor sounded exceptionally inspired.  Every solo was a keeper.  Jon Easton on piano and Joe Solomon on bass were also outdoing themselves.  Our guest vocalist, Alexa Fila, was outstanding and our two first-time-ever vocal duets, one on Rockin' Chair and the other on Every Time We Say Goodbye, were enthusiastically received. There are times when musicians experience grave doubts about what they are doing: chops feel like crap; can't learn the tune; uninspired solos; no work; who cares anyway?; etc.  Then there are times when you get to play with wonderful musicians like those listed above; when the music just keeps cooking; when the audience is with your every note and thoroughly enjoying themselves.  That's when you know why you are a musician and why you keep going.  There ain't nothin' like it!

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