"Jazz for Molly" CD

"Jazz for Svetlana" CD

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Jazz for Svetlana - Bob Arthurs & Steve Lamattina

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No smoke.  No mirrors.  No sequined back-up singers.  Just two guys sitting down to play some jazz with a few vocals thrown in.  One take.  No do-overs; like you're listening to us live.  Enjoy.

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"Notes From the Underground" CD

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A re-release of a unique jazz album that features Bob in solo, duo, and quartet settings with fellow Tristan members Dave Frank on tenor saxophone, Jon Easton on piano, and Joe Solomon on Bass.  Click the "CD Comments" box at the top of the page for a review. Buy at this website, CDbaby or iTunes          

Notes from the Underground - Bob Arthurs

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Bob Arthurs with the Henry Ray Band

Bella Notte, 3524 Johnson Ave, Bronx, New York

Holiday Party and CD release party.


Bob Arthurs with the Henry Ray Band

The Lounge, NYC

Invitation only new Henry Ray CD release party.

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